RNMOCC: Recap and My Thoughts

For those of you who keep up with my Backloggery, you’ll have noticed that over the course of the past 16 days, I’ve been doing a marathon of games—Retro Nintendo Marathon of Cookie Completion—in a motivational attempt to clear the oldest generation Unfinished and Beaten games from my Backloggery. Naturally, this means NES and Gameboy (Color) games.

Now, while I know those of you who follow my Twitter have seen naught but venting and rage from me, I want to bring it out on here why I do that and to explain my stance as a whole, alongside my take on each of the games now that I’m level-headed and the Complete is on my shelf.

If nothing else, getting rage-pissed at games, for me, is a coping mechanism. A vast majority of the time I’m either level-headed, calm, or just happy. It might be my upbringing or my conditioning but I don’t allow anger and rage and such to be let out a lot of the time, especially in public. This is unhealthy as a whole, as if we hold in negative emotion, it’ll build up and (will) eventually kill us. So, I use games as an outlet to release my stress, rage, frustration, ect. That way, the emotion is not directed at anyone, hurts anyone (or anything) and I let out the negative. Thus my stream of gamer-rage tweets.

So, to summarize THAT little bit, sending me links and pictures of stuff like “It’s just a game” or “Stop getting mad at the game” is very counter-intuitive. Doing that while I’m raging will direct my anger to you, which is something I don’t want, and I’m sure the person wouldn’t want either. It’s my coping mechanism, just try to ignore me if it’s unsettling.

Anywho, I’ll try to make these game reviews brief, but bear with me. I do tend to ramble (I’m doing it right now…) Continue reading