A Week in Gaming #4: 1/24 – 1/30

Time seems to fly by in such a way that one always regrets not being able to get more done during that time. Maybe it’s a bad application of time management for that person, or they could be so overwhelmed with activity that getting their wants fulfilled with their needs is a task unto itself. In either regard, time and it’s fleet feet are the reason I only have two games to write about this week. Let it not be ever said that quantity is better than quality as usually the reverse is correct. Continue reading


The Marathon of Shame and Redemption

Memory can fade or erode with the passage of time, so reflection upon past experiences may not shine with as much clarity as one would want. This concept, one that came to me through a mix of the arrival of a new year and a pensive gaze into my gaming accomplishments, has led me to question those I can’t remember well and to face those I know are untrue.

In truth, this Marathon is a quest to redeem myself of a faulty memory and a guilty conscience. There are games that are marked completed where I’m uncertain if they deserve this title, and those that have a false mark of achievement to which I feel a mix of shame and regret.

As such, this reveals the truth of beaten and completed accomplishment to both myself and others around me. My plan this time around for these games is to do it, and to do it right. The following is the list, divided into two categories: Those I’m unsure about, and those that are shameful. Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #3: 1/17 – 1/23

Welcome to the third article of the weekly column “A Week in Gaming”. Like I’ve stated before, I’m surprised that I’m actually doing this as regularly as I do. It’s surprising simply for the fact that for my earlier two blogs I was lethargic about putting my thoughts into a visual format. Must be true when they say that things never stay the same, I imagine.

In any case, I’m thankful I actually had games to write about for this article. That’s based on my trend to specifically write about games that I’ve beaten or completed in the past week, but one thing I do worry about is whether I’ll manage to beat/complete enough games each week to have content suitable for reading. If I don’t, ah well. I can just write about what I’ve played instead. Anyway! To the games. Continue reading

Magic: The Gathering – Duel of the Planeswalkers: I Tap for a Review

If anyone has ever taken a look at the world of collectable or trading card games, undoubtedly they would eventually come across what could be considered the father of them all: Magic the Gathering. Known for its complexity, its depth, and the sheer amount of cards contained within, Magic is more of The Card Game than any other out there.

I’ve been a player on and off for several years, with at times a hardcore drive to see what I could build and how it works. So, when the XBLA title based on the card game came out to Xbox Live, I was eager to see how it played out.

With last week’s Deal of the Week for Gold members being Duel of the Planeswalkers for 50% off the normal price, I decided to pick it up. It’s at that point that elation of playing the game again started to slide for me. Note that, for intent of brevity and comparison, I will assume the reader is familiar with the game to any degree, as otherwise this writing would be akin to an instruction manual. Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #2: 1/10 – 1/16

Hah, I’m actually keeping up with a regular schedule! Considering my on-and-off track record of these things, it’s a bit of a shocker to see that I’m actually bothering to write blog posts that are not hip-deep in depressing or just plain weird issues. It’s constructive, it’s focusing and it lets me cement details, so hurray. On with the games! Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #1: 1/01/10 to 1/09/10

I figured with all the ranting and raving I do, I might as well write out my thoughts coherently and on a weekly basis when I’m at the position of a level-headed individual as opposed to being afflicted with levels of gamer rage that cause me to swear and roar. At this position I’m able to look at my ranting objectively and in some cases able to counter my pissed-off state.

Also, as I know that nine days is technically more than a week, I figured it’d be asinine to write a post about the first two days of January, being as that they’re Friday and Saturday, and extend it to include the other games I played as such. As such, here are my thoughts on what I played. Continue reading