A Week in Gaming #38: 9/19 – 9/25

What a busy and quick week this has been!  Filled with a variety of new and old games, tons of streaming, and a ton of college coursework, it’s a wonder I stop and breathe sometimes. Granted, this comes with pain, rage, apathy, et al, but overall I had a great past week.

At the advice of WanderingMind (whose blog I have linked to in the blogroll), I’m going to continue the format I started last week in contrast with the prior 36 weeks. So, here we go! Continue reading


A Week in Gaming #37: 9/12 – 9/18

With this writing the week of my birthday is now at a close. I am now one year older, feeling like I’m twenty years older, and the status quo really hasn’t been changed. I did my first quizzes in my Music classes on Friday, and I believe I did well in them. American Government, Ethical Dilemmas, and Intro to Literature are all going well, so despite my pessimism about college a few days ago I’m doing well and I can see success in the future… provided I’m not lazy.

Lots of gaming this past week too! Somehow I manage to get my work done (and with good grades) and get a ton of gaming into my daily routine. Considering the activity pretty much permeates my life (i has an addiction hurr hurr), to do without this would be like not eating every day. The only problem with my gaming is that a lot of it wasn’t “to beat” or “to complete”, so the structure today will be a bit different. Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #36: 9/5 – 9/11

All the things I’ve said in the past weeks about my progress being slowed down or halted is true. I’ll say that right off the bat. The second week of school, despite only having two days to it via Labor Day being a day off, has firmly cemented in my mind just how much work I’ll have to do. That, plus the game of this week, have shown that I have made almost no progress.

Today is Borderlands, for the Xbox 360. That’s seriously all the progress I’ve made this week, and I’m actually cheating in writing this since I beat it this morning, not on Saturday. But considering the alternative is to write a full post on one of the DLC (Zombie Island) for it alone? Screw that, I’m breaking the rules for once. Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #35: 8/29 – 9/4

First week of college in, and I actually did make progress! To be fair, I couldn’t do the work of two of my classes (the music ones) until I had the music CDs that go with the books, so I’m a bit backed up as far as those two classes go. Between those, and two of my other classes only being two days a week, it means for today and the next two days, I’ve got a heap of homework ahead of me. But in the past week? Free time galore.

Of course, there’s also the fact to consider that both of these games were rather short. But, fighting against Bak’Laag continues, even as I dive into the gargantuan depths of the ocean we call “academia”. While you won’t hear about the college stories, read my thoughts on last week’s two accomplishments: Continue reading