A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest: Weeks 21, 22, and 23

You know you’ve been lax on writing in a blog when a bar graph shows high values for views with decimal points in those views. Not 30 and 40, but more 3.0 and 4.0. Truth be told, I’ve been incredibly lazy in posting on Impressions of a Lump. Albeit it doesn’t seem like I lost much in doing so; I can never tell if the 3o to 40 views a week I get are people or just spambots who sense activity and decide to attack me here.

I could go on an enormous stream of consciousness rant, but my memory is terrible and I’ve already forgotten half of what I’ve done over the past three weeks. The long and short of it? I’ve completed four games, beaten one, and sunk around 75 hours into Terraria on Steam. In detail? Read below. Continue reading