A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest: Weeks 21, 22, and 23

You know you’ve been lax on writing in a blog when a bar graph shows high values for views with decimal points in those views. Not 30 and 40, but more 3.0 and 4.0. Truth be told, I’ve been incredibly lazy in posting on Impressions of a Lump. Albeit it doesn’t seem like I lost much in doing so; I can never tell if the 3o to 40 views a week I get are people or just spambots who sense activity and decide to attack me here.

I could go on an enormous stream of consciousness rant, but my memory is terrible and I’ve already forgotten half of what I’ve done over the past three weeks. The long and short of it? I’ve completed four games, beaten one, and sunk around 75 hours into Terraria on Steam. In detail? Read below. Continue reading


A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #19 & 20: 5/8 – 5/14 & 5/15 – 5/21

Oh hey look, the Rapture apparently passed and I’m still here! Either it didn’t happen or every last person on the planet was unworthy, go figure. That nonsense aside, I’ve been incredibly sparse and lacking in my updates lately. Week 19 was my final week of classes, things were wrapping up education-wise, and that Sunday my mind completely veg’d out. Week 20? More vegging, laziness, trying to get adjusted to not having classwork to do, and sudden apathy as a result of lack of structure to my daily routine.

Over Week 19, we had more of the same in Borderlands. I played that game obsessively, to the point where my Siren hit max level and farming Crawmerax became a dull task instead of the intense fight it had been the first time. Every quest was finished, and I completed the main game, the Knoxx DLC, and the Claptrap DLC. That left the matter of the Moxxi’s Underdome DLC… Continue reading

A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #18: 5/1 – 5/7

The penultimate week of the Spring 2011 semester was this past week, and I’m genuinely surprised at the ease at which I handled finishing three classes. I’ve still got two more class days to go, as my World History Since 1500 class actually has a final, but beyond that final exam and one last bit of homework for creative writing I am done! An entire glorious summer to spend time on losing weight, exercising, making bead sprites, and taking down that huge Unfinished count.

Surprisingly, I managed to take down three games this past week! Yet with the math laid it, I’ve practically made no progress. Traded Tales of the Abyss┬áto my local friend Will in return for a new copy of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. -1 Unfinished, +3 Unfinished. I beat both Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: -Interlude- this week, then later completed Mega Man Network Transmission. +3 Unfinished, +2 Beaten, +1 Completed, and we’re back to a starting point. Ah well, read on and hear me gush about these games.

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A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #17: 4/24 – 4/30

This past week I’ve played some Borderlands, some Fallout, some Age of Empires III, and even a little Final Fantasy IV DS. With the exception of taking down the Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution DLC in Borderlands, I haven’t beat a single game this week. I could write about said DLC, but my thoughts are wrapped up in a single sentence: “Amusing plot and excellent final boss, but too short and filled with a lot of unnecessary items to collect.”

So, instead of the usual mini-review of games I beat or completed in the past week, I’m going to give my thoughts on a topic that inspired this post on Twitter. Said topic is the concept of “cheating” in video games, and everything that goes with it.

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A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #15+16: 4/10 – 4/16 & 4/17 – 4/23

Whoa, holy crap I have a blog. A blog I’ve been slacking on lately due to a combination of things. You can blame me for my Borderlands addiction, as I’ve put 64 hours into the game in the past 11 days, but when I’m not running through Pandora with my friends I’ve either been focusing on homework or streaming! My semester ends on March 6th for three of my four classes, the fourth the week after that, and as such they’re really packing the homework and projects in. I had to make a written schedule and checklist for all of my assignments just to make sure I wasn’t overwhelmed. This brought with it a question: Why the heck do so many classes throw in one gratuitous end-of-semester paper to write? It’d be fine to finish up a semester with doing one paper for a class, but when all of them do it? That becomes overwhelming.

Still, I managed to beat six games and complete three during the last two weeks. 14 days, 9 games, 3 of which are part of my Borderlands addiction? I’d call that good. Four on Week 15, five on Week 16, with at least something to say about all of them: Continue reading

A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #14: 4/3 – 4/9

Oh my, I’m actually writing on a Sunday. A Sunday morning no less, like I should be! Freak accident or a resurgence in dedication? I can’t decide. In either case I managed to take down four games this past week. I’m surprised at this, considering how little I’ve actually played games in the past week. I know that it still sounds like a lot but before I started making Perler bead sprites (which can be found over at my Flickr page!) I would game constantly. It was my de facto choice for something to do, interspersed with things like homework, daily tasks, and occasional friend visits. Now I come to a debate with myself every time I have a large amount of free time and the hobby that always takes precedence is creating those Perler bead sprites.

The past week had a lot of variety to it. At one point I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my trio of friends for a few hours and the days that I’ve streamed on I presented a medley of handheld titles. There were only two new games, both of which I’ll write about here, and all in all it was a good week. Now, for what I took down. Continue reading

A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #13: 3/27 – 4/2

Seems like I’ve developed a habit of missing the Sunday deadlines I impose upon myself. No matter, I’m still able to get these things in at some point. Really it just comes down to motivation. Between doing homework, housework, and investing time into other hobbies I don’t find myself motivated to write as much as I used to. No, I’m not addicted to making perler bead sprites (okay, so I am), but I still managed to hammer out a few achievements this past week… and gain a dozen new games in the process.

I’ve not the motivation to write a three-thousand word monologue much like a few weeks ago, so I’m going to write in that short and substantial way that I’ve done in the past. With five games and low motivation, a long monologue dissecting these games would become flat and unfocused. Today we’ve got a spread between a few ported Genesis titles, two Game Boy Color titles, and a brief stint with a Game Boy Advance game. Continue reading