Short Story: “Into the White”

This is the short story I wrote for my last college semester’s Short Story literature course. It got an A for a grade, and I figured I should share it with more than just the Professor of that course. Leave a comment, and enjoy!


Into The White

For days they had been traveling through the dark tunnels. Miles and miles of cold, hard passageways covered in slime, grime, and a damp, pervasive odor. Hour after hour, minute after minute, the group of explorers had fought to get ahead. They were hardy, strong-willed, and had an iron-set goal that kept them moving. They must explore, must discover things of value and bring them back. The survival of their community depended on the sometimes-suicidal exploration by teams of brave scouts, units linked together by a mental connection.

After what felt like an eternity, one of the younger scouts turned back to the leader and spoke up eagerly. “Boss, I smell something! I think it’s fresh air!” Behind him, Boss and the rest of the group immediately started sniffing the air in front of them. Faintly, they could taste the currents of fresh scent making its way down the enormous vertical shaft they had been climbing for what felt like hours. It cut like a knife through the grimy musk of the tunnel and their hopes spiked. Continue reading


Writing Project #6 Revision: “Mr. Posheu”

For our midterm, we were to take one of the prior projects or craft questions we had written and try to revise it in some way. I chose to lengthen, adjust, restructure, and generally refine Writing Project #6. This is the end result.

MR. POSHEU – 1672 words

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Writing Project #6 – First Draft

A few people asked to see this, and I figured it’d be appropriate to put this up where everyone can read at their leisure. Plus, it knocks some of the dust off of this ol’ blog.

[250 500 word short story based on 24 – specifically insomnia]

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Essay: My Philosophy of Life

I had to write an essay for my Philosophy Class this past week on my “philosophy of life”: something that I love and permeates my life. Examples could be their children, their job, or their major consuming hobby. Mine was the last of these, and specifically it was video gaming. The response I got from my professor on this essay, in addition to the responses of the few friends I sent it to before submitting it, has really touched me and I want to share the entire thing with you all now. To have it sit in a permanent corner of web-space for any potential reader(s) to view. Continue reading