A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #18: 5/1 – 5/7

The penultimate week of the Spring 2011 semester was this past week, and I’m genuinely surprised at the ease at which I handled finishing three classes. I’ve still got two more class days to go, as my World History Since 1500 class actually has a final, but beyond that final exam and one last bit of homework for creative writing I am done! An entire glorious summer to spend time on losing weight, exercising, making bead sprites, and taking down that huge Unfinished count.

Surprisingly, I managed to take down three games this past week! Yet with the math laid it, I’ve practically made no progress. Traded Tales of the Abyss to my local friend Will in return for a new copy of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. -1 Unfinished, +3 Unfinished. I beat both Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: -Interlude- this week, then later completed Mega Man Network Transmission. +3 Unfinished, +2 Beaten, +1 Completed, and we’re back to a starting point. Ah well, read on and hear me gush about these games.

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A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #9: 2/27 – 3/05

It feels like I reeled in a huge sea bass in last week’s post, while this week I was lucky to snag a minnow. Or a boot. Class work hit hard, including the second of Abnormal Psychology’s Jeopardy Fact Exams, and I spent more time buying games than I did actually beating them.

That’s not to say I didn’t make progress though! I beat one, completed a second, and put many hours into Final Fantasy 8, Drakengard, Harvest Moon, and Ys I. Yet those are all time sinks so the dream of reading endgame credits for each is far away. As such, all we’ve got here today is one measly completed game. I did mention a beat but that was CreaVures for the PC, a game I reviewed. The review should be posted up on Snackbar Games within a few days, so if you want my opinions on it go there! Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #35: 8/29 – 9/4

First week of college in, and I actually did make progress! To be fair, I couldn’t do the work of two of my classes (the music ones) until I had the music CDs that go with the books, so I’m a bit backed up as far as those two classes go. Between those, and two of my other classes only being two days a week, it means for today and the next two days, I’ve got a heap of homework ahead of me. But in the past week? Free time galore.

Of course, there’s also the fact to consider that both of these games were rather short. But, fighting against Bak’Laag continues, even as I dive into the gargantuan depths of the ocean we call “academia”. While you won’t hear about the college stories, read my thoughts on last week’s two accomplishments: Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #34: 8/22 – 8/28

And so, the ship has finally run its course. Here I sit, at the end of a long journey through the summer of 2010, and I can say it has mostly been fun. I’ve played an enormous amount of video games (gained over 50 total B/C/M) and had a great time streaming for all of my friends.

It wasn’t without its downsides though. Losing the Internet for 12 days really was not a fun time despite all the games and shows I was suffocating myself in. And all the emotional blah that has come from me has totally not been cool. It’s something I really regret when I can look back on my Recent Changes, find games that I beat or complete months past, and my mind jumps to the moment where I was trying to do that… and can only find rage and b’awww. Not proud of myself in that regard.

I also tried two different kinds of marathons: One by games for a summer goal (Alienjesus’s Alphabet Soup Marathon… which still has five games left to go) and a 24 hour 18 hour Castlevania marathon that lost major steam in the second half due to how slow-moving Curse of Darkness is compared to the other games I played. I’d say that they were successful… but I could have done a lot better.

So, with college glaring at me from just beyond the horizon (see: tomorrow), here is the last of my Summer 2010 effort in the fight against Bak’Laag: Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #33: 8/15 – 8/21

The penultimate week until my fall semester starts, this week… didn’t really have a lot of progress. At all. Continuation of playing Castlevania: Harmony of Despair in addition to the two games listed today, and some personal things I’ve either worked through or am working through now, have slowed progress down more. Might be because the summer is winding down, or that between online games and my emotional problems I’m more aloof to sitting down and properly finishing games, but who knows. Onto the two games of the past week: Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #29: 7/18 – 7/24

A delayed post, the 29th week of A Week in Gaming was written on July 25th and chronicles the video game achievements of the week of July 18th. This was delayed as a lack of internet access has cut me off from ability to post and instead is posted at a later date.

As of writing this, I am on my eleventh straight day without home internet access. The time has passed by quickly, with great relief on this fact, but has still been a quiet and monotonous time. My normal daily schedule has been unchanged for the most part but the entire process has been quieter, less fulfilling and in a nutshell, lonely.

I know that you all that are my social circle are out there still and your thoughts are with me, but it’s been hard to keep that good faith alive when I’m essentially in solitude. It hasn’t been as bad in the past couple of days though, as mail from both WanderingMind and Lyndis brought my spirits up greatly (although I must shake my fist at Wander for what he gifted me, even with the compensation!).

All of the details will be posted once I’m fully back on the ‘net and have time to narrate it all. For now, the three games I took down in the past week.

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A Week in Gaming #27: 7/4 – 7/10

One week, eight accomplishments. Doesn’t seem like much time has gone by yet for once I managed to rock a successive series of Beaten and Completed medals on my Backloggery. In fact, I have such an excess of things to write about here that I’m going to split it up; if you want to see the details of my Link to the Past Master run, go here for the information. As for the other two I won’t write about today, I feel it’d be better if I gave the Crystalis games more attention in a separate post detailing the compare and contrast of them. So, onto the five games I will write about here. Continue reading