Suikoden Character Analysis: The Importance of Character Worth and Value

[Do note, there are spoilers present in this post, so readers beware!]

First and foremost: Why does this all matter?

Suikoden I is a game that gives you 108 recruitable characters, 76 of which are usable in battle. Yet so many of them serve purposes that are already filled, relegating them to carbon copy roles. As the formula for developing a game like Suikoden was being attempted for the first time here, it nevertheless runs high with glaring flaws that later games have somewhat remedied. If nothing else, it comes down to this basic principle:

Every usable character in a  game must have a solid amount of worth and value to them.

This worth can come from several different sources: having plot importance of some kind, being a character one can use in combat, providing something of importance or a service (to the home base), and being a character one can use in war battles. (Do note the last of these is universal for every SI character).

The more worth a character has, the better they are. If not every character in a game has enough worth, then the end effect is falling flat and needs to be reworked. Even though it’s the first in the series, Suikoden’s end effect falls rather flat.

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A Week in Gaming #33: 8/15 – 8/21

The penultimate week until my fall semester starts, this week… didn’t really have a lot of progress. At all. Continuation of playing Castlevania: Harmony of Despair in addition to the two games listed today, and some personal things I’ve either worked through or am working through now, have slowed progress down more. Might be because the summer is winding down, or that between online games and my emotional problems I’m more aloof to sitting down and properly finishing games, but who knows. Onto the two games of the past week: Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #30: 7/25 – 7/31

Thirty entries. Wow. Has this year flown by that fast? We’re already into August and it still feels like a few days ago I was playing through The Orange Box (see: January) or complaining about my classes (see: April). Then there’s that 12 days of solitude that I had to go through, which somehow went fast in of itself upon reflection… I guess no matter what you’re doing, time can fly.

This past week was slow in game progress though. Ever since I came back last Monday I’ve been pitter-pattering around, playing a little this or that and not fully focusing on any given thing sans the two games I did reach Beaten/Completed in. Some games that I had been playing vehemently during the silence (like MMBN6) I’ve yet to even touch again. But as for those I did, here’s my thoughts: Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #26: 6/27 – 7/3

A blink of the eye, another week flies by, and now we’re in July. Time and the memory are both relative, but they need to slow down a tad. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and be in the bathroom when I realize that “tomorrow” is actually the start of September. That’d just be uncomfortable.

Since its July, I only have two more months to vigorously fight Bak’Laag before heading back to higher education again. I’ve made some strong progress on the fight this week, but only a few (new) accomplishments to talk about today. Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #25: 6/20 – 6/26

Feels like yesterday that I was looking over the horizon to see that huge divide between the end of one semester and the start of another. Yet, it’s been nearly two whole months since I ended. Time is damn strange, and I thought I’d be getting more done in it. Oh well, I managed to take out three games this past week, including one during a live stream! Yes, I now have the capability to do live streams on JTV like other Backloggers, but I have yet to find my “day”, per se. Still a work in progress, I suppose. Anyway, yonder games. Continue reading