A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #14: 4/3 – 4/9

Oh my, I’m actually writing on a Sunday. A Sunday morning no less, like I should be! Freak accident or a resurgence in dedication? I can’t decide. In either case I managed to take down four games this past week. I’m surprised at this, considering how little I’ve actually played games in the past week. I know that it still sounds like a lot but before I started making Perler bead sprites (which can be found over at my Flickr page!) I would game constantly. It was my de facto choice for something to do, interspersed with things like homework, daily tasks, and occasional friend visits. Now I come to a debate with myself every time I have a large amount of free time and the hobby that always takes precedence is creating those Perler bead sprites.

The past week had a lot of variety to it. At one point I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my trio of friends for a few hours and the days that I’ve streamed on I presented a medley of handheld titles. There were only two new games, both of which I’ll write about here, and all in all it was a good week. Now, for what I took down. Continue reading


A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #13: 3/27 – 4/2

Seems like I’ve developed a habit of missing the Sunday deadlines I impose upon myself. No matter, I’m still able to get these things in at some point. Really it just comes down to motivation. Between doing homework, housework, and investing time into other hobbies I don’t find myself motivated to write as much as I used to. No, I’m not addicted to making perler bead sprites (okay, so I am), but I still managed to hammer out a few achievements this past week… and gain a dozen new games in the process.

I’ve not the motivation to write a three-thousand word monologue much like a few weeks ago, so I’m going to write in that short and substantial way that I’ve done in the past. With five games and low motivation, a long monologue dissecting these games would become flat and unfocused. Today we’ve got a spread between a few ported Genesis titles, two Game Boy Color titles, and a brief stint with a Game Boy Advance game. Continue reading

A Week in Gaming 2nd Quest #6: 2/6 – 2/12

Weeks are flying by in this year. With them is stress about the future, and trying to get homework caught up on time with everything else. When I should be doing more work I’m instead playing more games. And to boot, it seems like I’m having a love affair with the Virtual Console and my set of Steam games. I diddled around in Magicka some more, started Cogs (which ended in a headache), and received four new games: Stacking on XBLA (won on Twitter), and Donkey Kong Country 3, Kid Icarus, and Neutopia II (all on VC from PaperLink64). The VC trio came just in time, as I had gone back down to a single unfinished VC game in Harvest Moon a day or two prior. This week, I took out a quick PC game and two of the three VC games Paper sent me! Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #28: 7/11 – 7/17

Written between Sunday, July 18th and Tuesday, July 20th, this chronicles the games I beat or completed during the week of July 11th. This was not posted on the 18th as I did not have Internet access at the time and couldn’t get to a computer that had said access to post said thing.

Since July 15th, I’ve had no Internet. No phone. Cable has become dull and I’ve been quite the cocktail of bad emotions. Depressed, anxious, bored and extremely lonely, I miss and crave the presence of my friends. The cocktail has been playing up some stupid mental processes in my head, and I’ll have to talk to a couple of you about it, but I haven’t given up the fight against Bak’Laag despite my Backloggery statistics being naught but mental figures.

Two games from this time period I’ll have to add to my Backlog and the four others just need updating, but I do have six games to write about today. “Today” being subjective to its actual meaning, of course. Continue reading

A Week in Gaming #27: 7/4 – 7/10

One week, eight accomplishments. Doesn’t seem like much time has gone by yet for once I managed to rock a successive series of Beaten and Completed medals on my Backloggery. In fact, I have such an excess of things to write about here that I’m going to split it up; if you want to see the details of my Link to the Past Master run, go here for the information. As for the other two I won’t write about today, I feel it’d be better if I gave the Crystalis games more attention in a separate post detailing the compare and contrast of them. So, onto the five games I will write about here. Continue reading